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The Grid – Matt Watkinson

My Sunday project, to get my head around the new book from matt watkinson. I was privileged to be asked to review parts of it, so already know some of it, but now getting to grips with ‘the full grid’. It’s a brilliant idea, beautifully written. We will soon be interviewing Matt and talking to him about some of the key concepts in the book.

The Essential Secret of Effective Value Creation and Delivery

Right now, there’s a buzz out there around the term Value Creation. But there’s also a lot of fuzz. Far too often, companies send out mixed messages about the focus of any Value Creation initiatives. Is the Customer the primary focus? Or the Shareholder? Or the Employee? Or all three? Sorting this quandary out is critical for any business that intends to stay vibrant and profitable. And, as we hop...Read More

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The ultimate Outside-In lesson for us all

When companies talk about Customer Centricity it is often from an Inside-Out perspective. A “Look, there are our target customers – go get ‘em” approach, supported by a “Buy what we’ve got, now” marketing and sales stance. In truth, this is a parody of Customer Centricity. Genuine Customer Centricity only happens when an company organises with and around its Customers. This requires, first and for...Read More

Value? Who decides?

Hello. I recently received a letter informing me that UK vehicle registration number P117 DER is for sale, and that this can be arranged to spell out my surname. You can see the idea from the photo. The letter says: “For the above number we are currently looking for offers in the region of £5750 ono (around $8,600); a price that we believe represents excellent value for money when you consider tha...Read More

Content vs. Discontent

A recent survey on “The role of content strategy” conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit in association with Peppercomm indicates that all is not well in the content world. The survey found that two-thirds (67%) of global decision makers judge the success of content on its distinctiveness while 71% of the content-supplying marketers judge success purely on sales. The reasons for this mis-mat...Read More

Are you brave enough?

It is one thing to say that the Customer is at the heart of any business but quite another to fully embrace the idea. A couple of stories from the not-too-distant past help illustrate the point. First, ask yourself these questions: To build business with a client or prospect what do you need to know about their business? What are your ‘benefits’? What are your ‘strengths’? What do you need to know...Read More

Value in Use, the new foundation of business success

We all recognize the astonishing technological advances of recent years. After all, we all carry supercomputers around in our pockets and purses. And we routinely use the internet, “the largest experiment involving anarchy in history”[i]. And terms such as ‘Big Data’, ‘digital world’ and the like are part of everyday business discourse. And yet, and yet, many companies fail to grasp the profundity...Read More

The 4Ps of Marketing. RIP.

There’s a lot of stuff out there about the 4Ps of Marketing. Fact is, the best thing to do with the 4Ps model is bury it. To borrow from the Monty Python team, “It is a late model. It’s a stiff. Bereft of life it rests in peace”. Let’s take a step back. The 4Ps model – Product, Place, Price, Promotion – was created by Jerome McCarthy, a marketing professor at Michigan State University, in 1960. Th...Read More

What’s a Customer Worth? (A lot more than you think!)

Most businesses evaluate Customers exclusively in terms of their actual and potential spend on products and services. But many Customers are worth more. Some are worth much more. So it is important to understand which of your Customers fulfil the basic ‘money for product’ role with no desire for any involvement beyond that. And even more important to understand which of your Customers are willing ...Read More

Fresh thinking, energy and results at the Customer-Supplier interface

Value Genie helps businesses move from a product or service focus to a customer value focus. Our insights, tools and resources build customer value-led organisations: those that out-perform their peers by creating and delivering true value.

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