Co-creation & AI

Platform creation Innovation, Consultative Selling, R&D Service-integrated Relationships (SiR) SiR Intel AI The highest level of engagement – and business potential! – is where your customers join with you and your team to become co-creators. This opens up exciting opportunities to effectively do away with the separation between customers and suppliers so that your customers and your organisation work together, for the benefit of both parties! Our expertise includes: Platform creation – the development and operation of the ultimate 21st century tool to enable collaboration and co-creation – and much more besides – between all stakeholders, including customers. Innovation, Sales, R&D … – set your primary goals and a Valuegenie platform solution will be tailored to ...

What’s a Customer Worth? (A lot more than you think!)

Most businesses evaluate Customers exclusively in terms of their actual and potential spend on products and services. But many Customers are worth more. Some are worth much more. So it is important to understand which of your Customers fulfil the basic ‘money for product’ role with no desire for any involvement beyond that. And even more important to understand which of your Customers are willing to participate further. Customer as a Customer The basic Customer contract with which we are all familiar is where a supplier makes or sources a product or service and puts a price ticket on it. Prospective Customers then make the ‘product versus price ticket’ evaluation (often nudged along by some marketing activity) and either buy or don’t buy. In today’s parlance we can label this the Customer ...

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