Customer Value Creation Course

LinkedIn Success Blueprint
This 'follow and do' course shows you how to create a winning profile, and other ‘Essential’ foundations, including Google optimisation. This course gets you digitally ready!
Module 1 Welcome  
Thanks for investing in the LinkedIn Success Blueprint
Unit 1 Welcome
Unit 2 Disclaimer
Unit 3 Course support
Module 2 LinkedIn can help you to achieve more with less!  
Learn why LinkedIn is a MUST for all business professionals
Unit 1 You can easily master LinkedIn....
Unit 2 Peace of mind
Module 3 Profile Builder  
Profile Builder: The 13 Steps; an overview of how your profile is structured'
Unit 1 Building and Google Optimising Your ​LinkedIn Profile
Unit 2 LinkedIn profile - Targeting
Unit 3 Targeting - Text version
Unit 4 Switching off profile notifications
Unit 5 The 13 Steps; an overview of how your profile is structured'
Unit 6 Your Name and Background Banner
Unit 7 Your Photo
Unit 8 Contact Information
Unit 9 Your Professional Headline
Unit 10 Your Summary
Unit 11 Current and Past Experiences
Unit 12 Skills
Unit 13 Education
Unit 14 Additional Information
Unit 15 Customisation
Unit 16 Connections
Unit 17 Groups
Unit 18 Recommendations
Module 4 Additional info and bonus materials  
Additional info and bonus materials
Unit 1 LinkedIn badge on your email
Unit 2 Company Page
Unit 3 Settings Menu
Unit 4 Inmail
Unit 5 Digital Asset Alignment
Unit 6 Summary
Module 5 Funnel Builder: Building and developing connections  
Building and developing connections
Unit 1 From Essentials to High Performance
Unit 2 Building Your Network Funnels
Unit 3 Tagging (labelling) System for your network funnels
Unit 4 Locating (targeting) connections for your Network Funnels
Unit 5 Personalisation - Inviting and accepting connections
Unit 6 Funnel Activation Check
Unit 7 Engagement - the background
Module 6 Communications Builder  
Communications Builder
Unit 1 Building Rapport
Unit 2 Building Visibility & Amplification
Unit 3 Visibility Tracker
Unit 4 Visibility
Unit 5 Engagement Plus
Unit 6 Working Your Network Funnels
Unit 7 Funnel Engagement Plan
Unit 8 Content Production, Execution and Follow ups
Unit 9 Measurement
Unit 10 Resourcing
Unit 11 Automation
Unit 12 Open Profiles
Unit 13 LinkedIn Advertising
Unit 14 Congratulations: Summary and success traits

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